Thank You For Your Donation

The Family Legacy Institute is filing for 501c3 status, so that all donations may be tax deductible.  We appreciate your support.  You can see by the pricing structure on our website (all but two articles are $3.00 ~ one article is $2.00 ~ one is $5.00), that the Institute is are offering everything we create at a price that anyone can afford.

Since we are a start-up operation, our budget is simple:  Website development, $5,000.00; Marketing, $5,000.00,  Legal & insurance, $5,000.00; Materials development, $15,000.00.   Total: $30,000.00.

It is our hope that these materials may be for the purpose of creating healthy families, equipping parents, enriching marriages, healing the broken, and providing hands-on ministry tools for churches.

Dr. John P. Splinter, Founder/CEO

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