For Men

Being a man in our grandparents’ (or great-grandparents’) era was so much simpler!  John Wayne never really had to deal with the sophistication, finesse, social sensibilities, and other complexities of manhood faced by men in the early 21st Century.  When in question, he just slugged some jerk in the face and things got better.

Part of the problem is that manhood today is being defined by women.  Think about it.  And a BIG part of the problem is that men today are isolated.  We may have sports buddies, or beer buddies, or church buddies, or business buddies.  But 98% of men today don’t have any other man with whom they’re completely open, honest, trusting, vulnerable, and meaningfully connected.  So when a guy starts realizing he’s hooked on porn and can’t seem to break his addiction, he has nobody to turn to.

In one setting a group of 100 Christian men were asked, “Do you open yourself up completely and honestly to your wife, regarding every facet of your life?”  About 25 hands went up, and it’s likely that half of those guys were lying.  But if 25% of Christian guys have that depth of connection with their wives, it means 75% don’t.  And 98% of men don’t have that level of depth with other men.  So yes, American males are isolated.  Dangerously isolated.

The Family Legacy Institute provides numerous tools for men.  Many of the following articles are aimed at helping men deal with what Promise Keepers found to be the #1 issue in 65% of men’s lives: Sexual integrity.

Perhaps the most powerful tool in this section of the Institute is the “Men’s Legacy Teams” article, because that resource focuses on helping men end the dangerous isolation as it provides specific tools and regular check-points, all aimed at helping men leave a godly legacy.  That tool is so potent that it is included a second time under the “Church Leader” dropdown, encouraging all churches to seriously consider building Legacy Teams for men.

Vaya con Dios, guys ~ Go with God.

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