Women’s Bible Study: Finding the way in an oversexed culture

Women have a lot at stake in today’s highly sexualized culture.  Pornography makes women into mere body parts.  Hip-hop and rap music speaks of women as “bitches” and “hos” (whores).  The constant drumbeat of TV, DVDs, movies, etc. pounds the message that sex outside of marriage is hip and without consequences.

This Bible study was created by a team of lady “Bible Study Fellowship” leaders.  It is discrete in style, but covers most of the common sexual threads being woven into today’s cultural tapestry.  There are a total of nine separate studies in this download.  The sample download provides one of the nine, to give a flavor for what follows.

The studies have been field-tested in several large churches of differing denominations.  The studies were sent to the Family Legacy Institute in PDF format as a whole, and we are therefore unable to provide a small sample for your review.  However, we know each of the ladies involved in writing this series, and worked with their team for a full year.  You may rest assured that this Bible Study is top drawer, theologically sound, and effective.

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