The Legacy Project

Do you ever think about your legacy, and what it will be?  Is your life plan structured upon building blocks that a) strengthen your marriage, b) deepen your faith, c) build your world around life-shaping goals, and d) draw you to serving others?  Ninety- nine percent of men don’t.

Can you imagine your quality of life if you had these building blocks?

Do you have a small team of dedicated men around you, who are so committed to you and to one another that no matter what, they’re “there” for each other any time, any day, any issue.  Sure, we all have our sports buddies, our coffee-or-beer buddies, our church buddies, and our work buddies.  But not one man in a thousand has a team of men around him who know him deeply and are committed to him unconditionally.

The Legacy Project represent a fresh breakthrough for men.  This project is built upon  teams of men ~ five or six guys who intentionally select and form a team aimed at providing wisdom, encouraging growth, sharing strength to overcome hurdles, offering mutual accountability, resulting in life-enrichment and character-empowerment.  Every man needs a Legacy Team.

Look over the first link under this dropdown (Men, Isolation and the Power of Community), and make a list of men you’d like on your team.  Then read the second link (Legacy Teams).  The Legacy Project will supply the tools to help you get your team up and running.  It’ll change your life.

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