So You Think You May Be In Love

Falling in love can be an absolutely overpowering experience.  But there are many variables that often masquerade as the feeling of love, and some of them are anything but love.

Making things more difficult, in today’s culture it’s very common to cohabit before marrying. Unfortunately, research has substantively demonstrated that cohabitation before marriage has approximately the same effect on marriage that putting an ounce of pure strychnine poison into a cup of coffee has upon coffee drinkers.  Among other things, this article presents research on cohabitation from numerous universities and other research entities.

The article explores how a person can tell if they’re really in love.  It studies different definitions of “love,” and debunks most of them. It also provides a rock-ribbed definition of love that has sustained marriages for thousands of years ~ a definition that is largely obscure in today’s culture.

This article is not a quick-read, bullet-point, micro-wave reduction of condensed subject matter.  It is a serious study, unpacking a lot of data and providing serious research.

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So You Think You May Be In Love ~ Demo (first six pages)

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