Normal Marital Passages And Transititions

There are transitions through which all humans progress ~ from birth, to infancy, to childhood, to adolescence, to early adulthood, to middle age, to retirement, to old age, to death.  And there are transitions through which all marriages progress ~ from dating, to engagement, to honeymoon, to early child-rearing, to adolescent child-rearing, to empty nesting.  And there are unforeseen transitions that sometimes come out of the blue, such as cancer, the death of a child, processing through an affair, a career crash.

Transitions all create the tensions of change.  Some are easier to handle, but some are wretched and painful.  This article provides insight into how to move through some of the more difficult transitions in life.  There are skills that one may learn to help progressing through some of life’s major transitions, as these difficult events cause changes in our identities.   In this discussion, the issue of faith comes to play in a powerful way during times of major life transition.

This article is a chapter of a course, so it provides break-points to ponder various issues.  The reader will be enriched if they take time to think about and possibly even journal their responses to the questions raised at these breakpoints.

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