Breaking Chains

I just finished reading Catton’s Civil War Trilogy and was pondering the wretchedness of slavery when the thought occurred that slavery still exists in America.  While all Americans rue that slavery is a piece of our history, few consider the idea that sexual bondage is even more wide spread.  I’m not talking about pedophiles ~ I’m talking about housewives and businessmen, hooked on things like pornography, harlequin novels, X rated movies, etc.

It w0uld be nice to think that only a few people are enslaved like this, but the numbers are staggering, affecting as high as 70% of en and 35% of women, according to research.

Like physical slavery, sexual slavery destroys families, demeans humans, brutalizes character.  It leads to actual physical addiction (neurochemistry) and hopelessness.  When Tiger Woods said he was sexually addicted many laughed behind their hands, but millions of men and women understood exactly what he was talking about.  This chapter is about learning to using God’s acetelyne torch to cut slaves loose from this secret bondage.

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