Sexual Culture

A person has to be 60 or 70 years old today to recognize the speed and depth of cultural sexualization that has occurred in our lifetime.  Although younger generations see it as “just how things are,” more mature folks recognize the explosion and impact of these statistics: 1) 25% of adults in the USA have Herpes; 2) 20% of gay/bisexual adult males carry HIV/AIDS; 3) 50% of U.S. marriages will fail; 4) 70% of marrying couples cohabit prior to marriage; 5) 26% of girls 9 – 19 carry at least one STD; 6) 40% of American children are born out of wedlock; 7) when kids are sexual and then break up, girls are 3X and boys 8X more likely to attempt suicide; 8) suicide is the #3 killer of teens in America today; 9) kids today practice oral sex in the belief they’re still virgins if they don’t have intercourse; and 10) pornography in America alone is a $14 billion dollar industry.

In this section of the webpage, the Family Legacy Institute publishes articles aimed at providing some insight into today’s corrosive sexual culture.

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