Christian Sexual Worldview, Lesson VI: The Legacies Of Adultery And Grace

American poet Ogden Nash once wrote a short poem, the gist of which asks, “If I tell my child not to put jam on the cat’s tail, why does my child go immediately and put jam on the cat’s tail?”  Research on the subject of cohabitation is nothing short of wretched.  Its effect on marriage is the same as one would expect if they put an ounce of cyanide into a cup of coffee and then drank it.

The research for this Bible study was done when I was at St. Louis University working on my Ph.D.   Since I was hooded in 1999, it’s a bit dated.  However, I can confirm that more recent research has done little more than confirm the initial findings.  This chapter has plenty of research pertaining to the effects of cohabitation.  These effects do nothing more than confirm that God knew what He was saying when He gave us the scriptures on this subject.

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