Getting To Know You

The phrase “Getting To Know You” was popularized in a song by Rogers and Hammerstein in the Broadway musical, The King and I.  But more than a song, it’s an essential building block for marital success.  In today’s culture the process of getting to know each other is often delayed until after they have sex.  This truncates (cuts off) and fixates (freezes  growth) in relationship building.  So this chapter provides fifty (count ’em) conversations for engaged or seriously dating couples to have before they marry.  These discussions reflect issues that WILL be processed at some point in the relationship.  Wise couples dive into these questions before they marry.

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1 Response to Getting To Know You

  1. ruthcarlson says:

    My boyfriend and I used this article while we were dating to get to know each other. I enjoyed learning more about him, and found that it gave me more confidence in our relationship because of the conversations sparked by the article.

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