Marital Mentoring From The Master

True Story:  I once had a friend in South Minneapolis who tried to pick up a running lawn mower and use it as a hedge trimmer.  In an instant he lost several fingers, which curtailed his lifetime piano-playing career.  This actually happened.

Rather than losing fingers to lawn mowers, about half of our countrymen today are losing their marriages, with effects that last for their lifetimes and the lives of their children.  So this chapter provides guidance from “The Owner’s Manual,” in regard to God’s plan for marriage and how He crafted it to work at its best.  It’s solid basic stuff that really works if one has the hutzpah to implement it.  (If not, it’s always easier to blame one’s spouse.)

This article is a chapter of a course, so it provides break-points to ponder various issues.  The reader will be enriched if they take time to think about and possibly even journal their responses to the questions raised at these breakpoints.

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Marital Mentoring From The Master ~ Demo

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