Tips For Parents And Grandparents

The average age of exposure to pornography today is eleven.  One study found it to be eight.  Porn producers today stalk children by buying up the web addresses around where children are likely to be on the Internet.

The Internet plus cell phones have opened a new risk for kids called “sexting,” in which kids undress live, online, to show their bodies to friends. One female senior in a Cincinnati high school committed suicide after her nude pictures were spread throughout the student body.

Pedophiles no longer haunt playgrounds and parks ~ they hang out online and in public libraries.  One cop in one suburban area reported 52 arrests in 18 months of adults seeking sex with children.  And under influence of the ultra-liberal American Library Association, public libraries are putting overt obscenity into “teen” sections ~ defining “teen” as ages 11-17.

This is a Brave New World in all the wrong ways, for parents.  People of grandparent age  can more readily see the explosion of sex in today’s generation.  Most parents are young enough to be naively unaware, like the proverbial frog in the kettle.  This article is all about protecting our children and grandchildren in the most sexualized era of human history since the days of Sodom and Gomorrah.

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Tips for Parents and Grandparents

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