Christian Sexual Worldview: Lesson IV ~ The Body of Christ and Homosexuality

In two nations today (Sweden and Canada) it is against the law to apply the traditional conservative biblical standard to homosexuality.  If gay activists win the day, that rule of law will become effective in America too.

Yet the biblical approach has never been that of creating legal systems to force Christian faith and values upon unbelievers.  The way of Christ has always been that of winning others to faith through modeling our faith (i.e., loving as we are loved and demonstrating sacrificial servanthood), and through proclaiming that God’s grace, forgiveness and restoration are available to all who call on the name of Christ.

What makes this particular conversation difficult is that within church leadership there are standards which must be addressed.  So this study focuses on the issue of homosexuality and the church.  This is study number four in an eight-part series dealing with establishing a biblical sexual worldview.

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Bible Study IV ~ The Body of Christ and Homosexuality ~ Demo

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