Why Purity Works

Whether a child chooses the path of purity or impurity, there are lifetime consequences. The twig is bent in one direction or the other. When a child walks out of the home to go on a date, the only protection they really have is the time plus relationship plus training given them by their parents in the previous years.

This article provides six strong arguments to be discussed in open dialogue between parents and children from ages eight to eighteen. Purity does indeed work, but our culture doesn’t tell our kids that.  To the contrary, our culture mocks and derides purity, which is why 26% of American girls today between the ages of 9 – 19 carry at least one STD.

Parents need to have this essential conversation with their children. And the earlier they can begin the conversation, the better.  But it’s never too late, and research confirms that children do listen to and respect their parents’ instructions ~ even if they seem not to at the moment.

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