Maxi Marriage

Nancy Sinatra crooned, We got married in a fever, hotter than a pepper sprout.  We’ve been thinkin’ ’bout Jackson, ever since the fire went out.  All married couples learn that it’s easier to fall in love than it is to sustain and build love.  Yet marriage isn’t measured in terms of years ~ it’s measured in terms of decades.  So how can a couple keep it fresh, sweet, pleasurable, and solid?

The Family Legacy Institute presents a series of thought-provoking and “shaping” articles that will strengthen, refresh, and guide all marriages, young or old.  I’ve taught this material for years and the most common response I’ve received each time, mainly coming from people who have been married for decades, is, “Gosh, I wish we knew this when we were younger.  It would have made such a difference in our marriage.”

Our “Maximizing Marriage” articles aren’t bullet-point quick summaries.  They are in-depth presentations, using scripture as the philosophical and spiritual basis, as well as incorporating tenets from the field of psychology ~ specifically, family therapy, in which I hold a Ph.D.  These articles are intended to be read and digested slowly, and then discussed between married partners.  Each article deals with some major component of building strong marriages, and making all marriages sweeter and more durable.

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