It’s TOUGH being a pastor today.  Churches used to be “keepers of the keys,” tradition-bound, theologically button-down, broadly respected institutions that provided the moral backbone of our culture.  No more. 

Most pastors are aware that today’s American culture is the most sexualized since the days of Sodom and Gomorrah.  Research shows that as high as 70% of the men and 35% of the women in the pew use porn. 

The “traditional family” in which dad works and mom stays home with the kids, is fading rapidly in the rear view mirror as our culture is ushered into an era of massive family instability.

And today’s culture doesn’t give a rats-rear about theological minutae.  I was once served breakfast by a waitress who described herself as a “Buddhist-Lutheran.”  Go figure.

Yet what’s a pastor to do.  How can a church proclaim God’s will regarding cultural sexualization without being muddied by the very proclamation? And how can a church even begin to minister to the crises oozing out of today’s fragmented family systems?

The Family Legacy Institute provides field tested tools for pastors and church leaders who see this crisis and are looking for practical ministry resources.

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