How To Use A Mentor Couple As You Prepare For Marriage

Getting married these days is a coin toss ~ half will survive and half will crash and burn.  Everyone wants their marriage to prosper and deepen, but most young marrying couples have neither the skills nor connections with those who do.  That’s what this book is about.

There’s a wealth of rich, sweet depth in the lives of couples who have been married for 30 or 40 years. In some ways they’re like low-hanging fruit at harvest time.  These people have been through the “marriage bumps” and the “child-raising bumps.”  They have some scars to prove it, but they’re still married and their love has found a depth they didn’t know existed when they were younger.

If you’re marrying, the Family Legacy Institute strongly suggests you find one of those mature couples, ask them if they’d mentor you, give them this manual and then get together with them four or five times.  Don’t be surprised if they seem surprised that you’d even ask them.  Ask them anyway, and when they say, “But we don’t have that much to say about marriage,” thank them for accepting your request and ask when you can get together the first time.

You will be enriched, better prepared for marriage, and you’ll likely also gain an ally with whom you can chat if/when any bumps occur in your marriage ~ as they do in all marriages.

To preview, please click on link to download sample PDF file.  This is a 70+ page piece and the first few pages are provided free of charge:

Mentors Helping Couples Preparing To Take The Big Plunge ~ Demo (first six pages)

To purchase the entire document (70+ page book), please click on PayPal link below:

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