Marital Communication

Most dating couples suspect they have found the secret to superb communication. They “just know” what the other is thinking, and are amazed at how easily they blend their separate thoughts to create a mystical fountain of thought unity. Eventually, reality comes to roost and when it does, for no apparent reason they start having “communication problems.”

Most often “communication problems” not about communication at all ~ they’re two people who flat-out disagree and are lining up all the dominoes they can grab to build their case.  Furthermore, research finds that something in the area of 80% of human communication is non-verbal.

So the Family Legacy Institute explores a couple of communication models, and then provides insights for couples to use to keep their love sweet and the marriage warm.

This article is a chapter of a course, so it provides break-points to ponder various issues.  The reader will be enriched if they take time to think about and possibly even journal their responses to the questions raised at these breakpoints.

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Marital Communication ~ Demo

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