Having That Pesky Sex Talk With Your Kids

Talking with one’s kids about sex has always been a difficult challenge for parents.  Who wants to think of their three-year-old, or their seventeen-year-old, as sexual!?  But today’s culture is different than all that have gone before.  The American Psychological Association estimates that today’s kids receive an average of 14,000 sexualized messages per year. 

So the issue is not whether kids will learn about sex.  The only issue is who will interpret the data?  Who will provide the context, wisdom and understanding to help make sense out of the flood of sexual information washing over our children’s minds. 

That “who” absolutely must be mom and dad.  If parents don’t undertake this task, then they’re cutting their kids adrift in the Pacific Ocean, in a canoe, in a class five hurricane.  This chapter teaches parents “how to.”

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