CURRICULUM: Teaching A “Biblical Sexual Worldview” Bible Study In Your Church

Not long before Rome fell, historians record profound cultural sexualization.  America today is speeding down the same freeway.  Churches that don’t recognize this, and don’t address it, are missing the most savage of Satan’s onslaughts and risk becoming irrelevant, because this issue is eating our culture alive, and people in the pew are not exempted.

A few representative reflections of this onslaught include: 1) the explosion of pornography, now a $14 billion dollar industry in the USA; 2) the rise of child trafficking in American cities; 3) cohabitation among 70% of couples before marrying; 4) a quantum epidemic of sexually transmitted disease, with 25% of all American adults now carrying Herpes and 26% of girls 9 – 19 carrying at least one STD.

The Family Legacy Institute provides a comprehensive world-view curriculum for churches to train men and women as today’s believers live in the most sexualized era since the days of Sodom and Gomorrah.

To download a free copy of this curriculum, click on the following PDF:

Curriculum ~ Developing A Biblical Sexual Worldview

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