What We Bring To A Marriage

Every marrying couple naively brings the equivalent of a steamer trunk full of hopes, ideals, expectations, experiences and assumptions.  As the months turn into years and the contents of those trunks are gradually emptied into the marriage, spouses often look at one another and say, “Really!??”

This article is written to help married (or engaged) couples step behind the screen and look at some of the dials and knobs that form the complexity of marriage.  The article provides insight into how partners “find” each other in the big wide world, and then provides insight into how they “fit” as a couple.  In addition to peeling back the curtains behind parental impact, the article examines the impact of siblings and peers.  It also explores the shaping effects of faith, career, painful family-of-origin issues, and then ends with thoughts regarding centering one’s “Life-GPS.”

This article is a chapter of a course, so it provides break-points to ponder various issues.  The reader will be enriched if they take time to think about and possibly even journal their responses to the questions raised at these breakpoints.

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