Home Purity Checklist ~ Personal Purity Checklist

Here are two checklists ~ one to help parents and grandparents ensure their homes are  protected from the invasive scourge of pornography ~ the second to help adults evaluate their own personal freedom from today’s encroaching sexual bondage.  Since 47% of Christian families report that porn is a problem in their homes, and since the average child’s age of first exposure to pornography is eleven years (one study found it to be eight), it is a reasonable exercise to put these checklists on the refrigerator for all to see as parents, grandparents and adults exert due diligence and clearly state their home’s values.

Putting the checklists on the refrigerator or in some other public location also serves to engage the children’s help in making certain the home environment is pure, as adults strive to protect the age of innocence in their kids and grand-kids.

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Purity Checklists ~ Demo

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