Building Legacy Teams

Estimates vary, but it’s likely that 98% of men in America today are dangerously isolated from in-depth relationships with other men.  Most men today are not close enough with their fathers to ask for parenting, marital, or personal advice.  Most men don’t have close enough relationships with other men to share common manhood struggles with marriage or male sexuality.  This male isolation is partially why fifty percent of marriages today fail, and why 70+ percent of men are struggling with pornography addiction.

Most men don’t have a road-map of life goals, by which to prioritize their efforts and relationships, and through which to leave a godly legacy.

Men need relationships with other men ~ intentional, in-depth, open, honest, trusting, vulnerable, supportive, character-building relationships in which men meet together regularly, share brokenness as well as triumphs, pray for one another, and provide not only accountability but a place of genuine attachment.

Legacy Teams provide all this and more for men.  To Download information please click on the link to download PDF file:

Legacy Teams

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