Loving The Homosexual

Homosexuality has been around as long as humans have written history.  In this culture it has been pretty much kept “in the closet” until the last two or three decades.  In spite of its “coming out” as it has in recent Western Culture there is still a sense of stigma among many.  And although most Christians wish and intend to be loving people, they have at times been intentionally or inadvertently unloving toward gays and lesbians.  So this article is titled, “Loving The Homosexual.”  It’s written primarily for Christians who find themselves still a bit stuck when intending to love as Christ taught them to love ~ specifically in regard to gay or lesbian people.

To Sample:  To download the first few pages of this document in PDF format, click on this link:

Loving The Homosexual ~ Demo

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To Comment:  We’re very interested in your response to this article.  Please use Reply box below to provide feedback.  We recognize that some members of both the ultra-conservatives and the GLBT communities may be challenged by this article.  We intend to neither attack nor harm anyone, but wish only to present what we believe to be a gentle, loving, reasoned and defensible biblical perspective.  Thanks!

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