Wealth, Family, Time and Servant Leadership

The journey of the servant-leader is strewn with lures, baited with such beautiful and appealing attractions as to make it extremely difficult to remain focused.  It’s far easier to just mouth the phrase, “servant-leader,” than it is to be one.

Yet part of Christian male leadership involves mastering the disciplines inherent in servant-leadership.  Christian leadership is not about power, position, prestige, wealth, or any of the other traits so often seen in those who have been handed the reins of leadership.

This chapter studies three components of servant-leadership: wealth, family, and use of time.  The more “blessed” one may be with any of these three items, the more difficult this chapter may be to process.  I, for one, have been enormously blessed by God, and so this chapter contains some personal stories.  What makes it hard sometimes, is the wrestling match in our minds and souls regarding who really owns all the stuff we think of as being ours. 

Click here to download the entire chapter.

The Servant Leader

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