Is marriage dying as an institution

Research is numbing: 50% of first time marriages divorce; second and subsequent marriages fail at higher rates. 70% of couples cohabit before marrying, which research finds to be deadly. 40+% of new births are to single moms. 7% of homes in America today are “traditional” as in dad working and mom at home with kids. And in core urban areas, there is almost no marriage. How can a culture survive with these stats?

About splinterandfriends

This website began as conversations between friends twenty years ago. It now reflects the research and reflections of many of these conversations. As the author, I am a blessed person. Still married to my college sweetheart, in spite of myself. Three fantastic married daughters; nine grand-kids and one more on the way. Thousands of precious friends. A career: providing senior leadership to churches and 501c3s ~ am a ministry creator and builder. Three post-graduate degrees (M.C.E., M.A., Ph.D.). Published author. Traveled abroad (22 countries and counting). And I still enjoy new thrills ~ in May 2011 went skydiving for the first time. Passionate about faith in Christ, and also about training and providing tools for families, moms, dads, grandparents, etc. Hate cucumbers; love "The Princess Bride" and also Cardinals Baseball, enjoy reading history. God has been very good ~ but then, He's God so by definition that's true.
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