Being a parent in the early 21st Century has become far more complex than it was in the 20th Century.  Parenting itself hasn’t changed, but the culture has, and the changes have made good parenting FAR MORE CRITICAL.  At the same time, most young people entering marriage today are not bringing the stability and depth that characterized those of previous generations.  Decades of 50% divorce rates, high percentages of single parent family systems and dual-earner families, coupled with the intrusive and destructive impacts of the Internet, TV and computers, have profoundly changed the landscape of the typical American family.

The Family Legacy Institute provides numerous tools and resources to help mothers and fathers improve their parenting.  Some of these tools are basic; some are more advanced.  Some deal with basic parenting skills; some focus on how to parent our children in today’s highly sexualized culture.

Each of the following articles provides clinical and biblically sound training and skills for parents and grandparents.

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