Being A Pastor In Today’s Highly Sexualized Culture

Seminary training doesn’t prepare people for some of the realities of being a pastor.  For example, providing pastoral leadership in a culture being inundated by a tidal wave of sex, driven by the Internet, Hollywood, TV, DVDs, magazines, etc.  Research now finds that approximately three quarters of men in the pew, and approximately one third of women in the pew, are using pornography.  And no child in America today will grow up without seeing pornography, mainly from the Internet.

This is a massive issue of which most pastors are aware, but in response to which few know how to provide pastoral leadership.  This booklet provides preliminary pastoral training plus scores of resources for pastors to use with their flocks.  It is downloadable in its entirety, in PDF format, for free.

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Being A Pastor In Today’s Highly Sexualized Culture

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