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This website began as conversations between friends twenty years ago. It now reflects the research and reflections of many of these conversations. As the author, I am a blessed person. Still married to my college sweetheart, in spite of myself. Three fantastic married daughters; nine grand-kids and one more on the way. Thousands of precious friends. A career: providing senior leadership to churches and 501c3s ~ am a ministry creator and builder. Three post-graduate degrees (M.C.E., M.A., Ph.D.). Published author. Traveled abroad (22 countries and counting). And I still enjoy new thrills ~ in May 2011 went skydiving for the first time. Passionate about faith in Christ, and also about training and providing tools for families, moms, dads, grandparents, etc. Hate cucumbers; love "The Princess Bride" and also Cardinals Baseball, enjoy reading history. God has been very good ~ but then, He's God so by definition that's true.

Is marriage dying as an institution

Research is numbing: 50% of first time marriages divorce; second and subsequent marriages fail at higher rates. 70% of couples cohabit before marrying, which research finds to be deadly. 40+% of new births are to single moms. 7% of homes … Continue reading

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